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Alright. Plot ideas.

So far, Naruto has confessed to Sasuke. One may go into denial, a love triangle may develop, who knows.

One thing we need to clarify is the setting. Or, more specifically, the time. My suggestions are (for the kids) anywhere from 16-18. Emi and myself will have the final word on this, but we need some feedback from our wonderful recruits.

So, suggestions, anyone?

Also, just for curiosity's sake, what is everyone's preferred pairing with their character? For example, since I play Naruto, the pairing I like him best in is SasuNaru.

One last announcement, and then I'll stop wasting your time. ^^;; Emi and I have been thinking of creating a roleplay website we can add to this. Where, if something especially spicy happens, you can rp a certain scene out if you want to. You don't have to act out every day, and every event; merely the scenes that you find super smexy or silly. Opinions on this?
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