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Closet smex, ho!

You have to read Sasuke and Naruto's journals to get this one. :x

(Sasuke played by fukushuusha and naruto played by i_am_almighty)

Naruto twitched nervously as he scanned the market area for what seemed like the umpteenth time since he had arrived. His toes twiddled in his sandals in a show of open anxiety to get away.

"Are you almost done?" He impatiently asked the cashier, who was currently scanning the massive amount of chocolate Naruto wished to buy. "You're total comes to [insert large amount of money here], sir," the pimple-faced adolecent on the other side of the counter responded in a cracking voice. Naruto reached for his frog wallet.

Sasuke wandered around the aisles, trying not to look too suspicious as he craned his neck looking for the blonde.

After several fruitless attempts to find him at the candy section, he finally spotted Naruto just as he was about to leave.

"O-oi! Na--"The words were barely out of his mouth before Naruto turned away, saw Sasuke, and a terrified look cross over his face.

Sasuke made one tentative step, and that seemed to be Naruto's cue to make a break for it.

Naruto felt his heart leap into his throat when he saw the other boy. Shit. Shitshitshit! Of all the fucking rotten luck...! He thought, in utter panic, as he ran as fast as humanly possible.

He instinctively clutched the bag of chocolate tightly to his chest, darting down alleyways and across streets until he hardly knew where he was. Against his own will he glanced back, and felt a whimper of fear fall from his mouth.

Sasuke was right behind him. He, if possible, ran even faster, felt his muscles scream and his lungs burn and his heart jackhammer in protest, but he was too mortified to notice.

GodDAMN Naruto was fast. Sasuke almost felt ... out of breath. Hn. But--he was getting closer now--and closer--

Finally, he came close enough to grab hold of the blonde's wrist. "N-Naru--" he wheezed, trying to get his wind back. Naruto struggled vainly under his grasp, turning his face away from the darker-haired shinobi.

"Naruto--" Sasuke panted, and grabbed Naruto's chin with his free hand, twisting the boy's face to his own. "L-listen to me--"

"I won't!" Naruto shreiked, tearing violently away from Sasuke. His purchases lay forgotten on the ground as he burst into running again, cradling his wrist in his other hand. Sasuke hadn't hurt him in the slightest, but the feel of the other's hand around his wrist left a strange sort of warm prickly feeling on his flesh.

Coughing and choking on his own labored breath, Naruto found himself at the entrance to his house.

He wasted no time in jerking the door open, slamming it and locking it with the speed that only a shinobi could posess. He knew it would not stop the other boy, but it was the only defense his oxygen-deprived brain could think up.

Naruto dashed to his room, slipped into his closet and let his back hit the wall. He slid slowly down, panting heavily as his heart beat far to quickly for comfort.

Sasuke banged on the door, tried the knob, then cursed with the realization that it was locked. However, a quick flick of his wrist and the door was open.He burst in the foyer, looked around, and headed straight for the closet.

Yanking open the door, Naruto toppled out with a startled cry."Look, dobe," Sasuke growled, "I want you to LISTEN to me."

Naruto tried to twist away from Sasuke's grip, but to no avail. He was exhausted, his muscles were aching, and his heart might never go the same speed again. In extreme reluctance, the blond calmed, averting his gaze.

"Okay..." Sasuke drew in a breath. "Now listen. I just want to ask about yesterday." Naruto's face twitched slightly. "Were you... serious?"

Naruto's bottom lip quivered, and his eyes grew glossy. His face turned red from the humiliation of being caught and asked such a question, and before he knew it he was bawling like a little child.

"Y-Yes, I w-was!" He wailed, squeezing his eyes shut, not wanting to see the look of disgust he knew was on Sasuke's face.

The dark-haired shinobi's face softened, and a small smile quirked at his lips. His fingers skated lightly over Naruto's face and thumbed away his tears. "Shh... it's okay..."

Sasuke's finger pressed down on Naruto's lower lip lightly.The blonde's lips parted instinctively, and Sasuke gently kissed him.

Naruto hiccuped a tiny sound of suprise, his watery eyes widening. When the other pulled away, Naruto blinked at him, utterly speechless for once in his life. "" he stuttered in a shocked whisper.

"Do you accept me?" Sasuke asked, gazing into Naruto's cerulean eyes with a ferocity that surprised even him.

Naruto could merely nod, an overjoyed smile forming on his flushed face.

Sasuke's face broke into a rare grin, and he tackled the younger boy, knocking them both into the closet. "Kiss me...again..." Naruto said breathlessly, grasping onto Sasuke's upper arms.

Sasuke did so, and Naruto couldn't help but blush as the other's tongue pressed eagerly at his lips. He parted his lips, welcoming Sasuke's tongue into the warmth of his mouth.

Naruto's toes curled in pleasure at the wonderful sensations Sasuke's tongue evoked. His hands slipped up to shyly wrap around the taller boy's neck, hesitantly grazing his own tongue against Sasuke's invading one.

"Nnn..." Sasuke couldn't help it. A small moan escaped despite himself. He ran his hand through Naruto's hair, and kissed the blonde deeper, running his tongue across the roof of his mouth.

When Naruto responded with an encouraging gasp, Sasuke decided to take things a bit further, venturing his hand to pluck hesitantly at Naruto's jacket zipper.

One of Naruto's hands, previously petting lightly at Sasuke's hair, came to help. He wrapped his own hand around Sasuke's, and slowly tugged the zipper down. He didn't break thier kiss, but wiggled responsively when the zipper reached the bottom. The blonde's body was overheated, hot with need. Upon realizing that the jacket needed to go, he pulled away from Sasuke, panting heavily, a thin trail of saliva briefly connecting the two.

Naruto tried to get the jacket off, but the growing haze that was covering his mind prevented him form doing so. Frustrated, he flailed his arms and yet still the jacket would not come off. "Help," he whined at Sasuke, pouting in defeat.

Sasuke laughed. "Dobe." Muffling Naruto's cry of protest with his lips again, Sasuke yanked the jacket off with a rough jerk.

He pushed Naruto to the back wall of the closet, broke the kiss momentarily, and slipped the blue t-shirt off.

Sasuke licked his dried lower lip and lowered his mouth to suck gently on Naruto's deliciously creamy neck.

"Oh," Naruto said breathily, letting his head fall back to thump against the wall. His hands had gone back to Sasuke's head, where they pulled slightly at his hair.

Suddenly, all the heat in the blonde's body made startling focus between his legs when Sasuke softly bit him. "Oh...!" He said again, a little more desperation in his voice.

Sasuke trailed his kisses down to Naruto's chest, and let himself revel in a moment when the blonde's breathing quickened.

Giving another light nibble to Naruto's collarbone, Sasuke moved down to lap almost playfully at Naruto's nipples, making the shinobi gasp and writhe with pleasure.

"S...Stop tea-" his voice jumped sharply as Sasuke pinched one of his nipples. "Stop," He managed to pant out, although he was applying pressure to the back of Sasuke's head, urging him to continue his ministrations.

"Hn..." Sasuke smirked, and stopped, surveying the scene before him. Naruto laid, panting, flushed, and ... aroused.

Once the blonde realized Sasuke was staring *there*, he immediately turned a deeper shade of red and pulled his legs together.

"Now now... don't do that." Sasuke crooned, and gently parted Naruto's legs, slipping in a hand to gently assuage the bulge forming.

"Ah, hah!" Naruto cried out, lifting his hips to press against Sasuke's hand. "Sas...Sasuke," He moaned.

Sasuke's hand began to rub slowly up and down while his other hand slipped into Naruto's waistband, tugging his pants down."Say my name again," he murmured into Naruto's neck.

"Sasuke," the younger boy said again, drawing out the 'e' in a moan. Naruto squirmed, trying to assist in the removal of his pants, which had become far too tight for comfort.

After several awkward shoves, Naruto's pants were finally off. Sasuke slipped his hand into the blonde's boxers, taking a hold of the thick length in a one grasp.

"Ah," Naruto gasped, his whole body jerking slightly. He closed his mouth from the previous 'O', letting his eyes flutter closed.

He hugged Sasuke's body to his own, groaning when he felt the hot hardness between Sasuke's legs.

The blonde's nimble fingers slithered down to pluck at Sasuke's shirt. "Off." It was more of a plea than a command, but in his current state, Naruto was not fit to command at all.

The dark haired shinobi grinned. "Yes, sir." Sliding away from Naruto, he quickly jerked off his shirt and undid the button on his pants, then moved in for Naruto's crotch again, nibbling playfully at the buttons.

Teasing him, Sasuke trailed his fingers around Naruto's inner thighs, but made no move to take off the boxers.

Naruto let out an impatient whine, squirming slightly. He shifted his leg until his calf was pressed agains the apex of the other's thighs, and rubbed against it.

Sasuke let out a small gasp at the unexpected friction. A throaty moan escaped, and he lifted Naruto's thighs, and slid under him--positioning the blonde in his lap.

Sasuke bucked upwards, rubbing their groins together hard, fast, and violent. "Unngh--" the pleasure was too much even for him to bear.

Naruto hissed Sasuke's name again, grasping the other's upper arms in a vice-like grip. It felt as though he was suffocating, even though he was panting heavily.

He rubbed back against Sasuke, a sob bubbling out of his throat at the electrifying jolt of pleasure that shot up his spine.

The younger shinobi began to murmur random words, such as 'yes' and 'please', as his hips rocked with the other's.

Sasuke felt Naruto getting even harder and pushed the blonde up, rubbing around his sphincter and whispering into his ear to just relax.

Naruto whimpered softly, pressing his forehead against the other boy's shoulder as he felt Sasuke push his finger inside him.

Sasuke nearly gasped out loud when he felt how tight Naruto was. "Nnn..." he moaned into the blonde's ear, "You're fscking tight..."

Naruto whined quietly and flexed his inner muscles, this time succeeding in getting Sasuke to gasp.

Naruto rolled his forehead to press against the crook of Sasuke's neck, where it (surprisingly) fit perfectly. He tried to ignore the burning sensation Sasuke's fingers created, but it was becoming increasingly difficult, especially when Sasuke inserted a second finger. He gnawed on his lip as the dark-haired shinobi went deeper inside of him, wiggling his fingers, almost as if he were searching for something.

A sudden and entirely unexplanable surge of white-hot pleasure turned his world upside-down and forced a yelp out of his throat.

Sasuke grinned. So this was it. The fabled... Prostate of Naruto. Another prod, and Naruto yelped again, this time louder. "Does that feel good?" Sasuke asked teasingly./

The younger boy nodded harshly, almost enough to make his head hurt, and let out an animalistic, yet desperate cry through clenched teeth.

Naruto couldn't take much more of this wonderful torture. He felt as if his world would shake apart if Sasuke didn't stop touching him there. He wanted the other boy to be inside. Now.

"S-Sasuke," he said shakily, "please, now, please!"

Sasuke hesitated. He pulled his fingers out and laid the smaller boy into a more comfortable position. Breathing raggedly at Naruto's ear, he whispered, " sure about this?"

A small, yet rather sexy smirk formed on Naruto's face as he whispered, hot and moist against Sasuke's ear, "I want you to make me scream, Sasuke."

Sasuke's face split into a grin. "...alright." He lifted Naruto's thighs and positioned himself at the younger boy's entrance. Stroking Naruto's face, Sasuke breathed, "Ikimashou."

He slid into Naruto in one quick motion, burying himself up to the roots. "Ah--fsck--" The feeling was incredible. Naruto was *so* tight it felt like a vice was squeezing him. And it felt *so* good.

What little air that had been in Naruto's lungs rushed out when Sasuke entered him. It was horribly uncomfortable, pushing the point of being unbearable.

Ironically, though, it seemed that the other boy was the perfect size, for had he been any bigger, Naruto was certain he would have cried.

Sasuke paused a moment, looking at the blonde. "Does it...hurt?" He asked hesistantly.

"Y...yes," Naruto admitted reluctantly, then added, "Well, not as much as it did at first."

"Nn..." Sasuke pulled out of Naruto briefly before re-entering, a tad faster and deeper than before. Naruto gave a soft whimper, and pushed back against the closet wall.

The older boy repeated his motion, and as his breathing quickened, so did his strokes. A small moan escaped, and Sasuke reached down to pump rhythmically at Naruto's length, timing it to his thrusts.

The pain gradually faded, leaving behind an all around weird-feeling. Naruto began to wonder when to would start feeling good, or if it ever felt good at all-

A sudden tilt in Sasuke's angle and his cock brushed Naruto's ever tender prostate, and Naruto screamed. When Sasuke had tocuhed him with his fingers it had been great, but this, this was just...beyond great. This was the greatest feeling ever."F-faster, Sasuke!" Naruto wailed, before leaning in to suck at the other boy's lips.

"Mnn--" Sasuke moaned, opening his mouth to allow Naruto's tongue entrance. He pulled out, slammed in again, and the feeling was indescribable. He repeated his movements and delved in deeper, faster.

Explosions of reds, blues, and whites danced infront of Naruto's eyes. He was nearing completion, precum leaking from the tip of his member steadily. His inner muscles spasmed, clamping down on Sasuke then relaxing.

Seeing that Naruto was almost there, Sasuke speeded up his movements, and discovered that he, too, was close to climax. Naruto's inner walls clenched, and Sasuke let out a low moan, "Nnn-Naruto--I can't--"

"I-I'm...!" Naruto tried to say, but his vision suddenly blanked and his voice ceased to work. The blonde's back arched almost painfully, and he came, spilling white and hot onto his and Sasuke's stomaches.

Sasuke came almost simultaneously, clutching Naruto's sides tightly and causing the boy to yelp a little in pain. After spilling his seed inside of Naruto, Sasuke collapsed on top of the blonde, still inside of him.

Naruto closed his eyes, breathing slowly. He felt content enough to simply fall alseep where he was, but thought better of it. Once he was sure that his breathing was under control, the fox-boy opened his eyes again, only to find a pair of coal-black eyes staring right back at him.

"What is it?" He asked, surprised at how feminine his voice sounded.

((Somewhere in there, Naruto's boxers sort of...poofed away. OH WELL.))

Sasuke looked flustered. "I--uhm, I--Naruto--" He stammered, face flushed beet red.

"What, you have sex with me and now you decide to get shy?" Naruto asked, smirking mischeviously.

Sasuke turned even redder. "S-shut up, dobe." He sucked in a breath, "I--Naruto--Iloveyou."

"What was that? You were muttering, Sasuke," The blond said, grinning even wider.

Sasuke growled, "Y-you heard me! I--I love you." He looked away, blushing furiously.

After a short pause, Naruto hugged Sasuke and buried his face in the other boy's chest. The fox-boy was shaking slightly and tears were leaking from his eyes.

"I l-love you, too...Sasuke," he said, voice unsteady from crying.

"O-oi!" Sasuke stuttered, "W-what's the matter? I--" he tilted the blonde's head up and kissed him lightly on the forehead, "Did I do something wrong?"

Naruto shook his head, and smiled at Sasuke with watery eyes. "'s, it's just...well," he paused to worry his lower lip.

"Do you have any idea how long I've waited for you to say that, Sasuke?" He asked, almost shyly.

Sasuke felt something churn in his stomach. He *didn't* have any idea. Suddenly all the details of yesterday and today flooded back. How much courage did it take for Naruto to confess to him?

Sasuke felt his own eyes smarting, and leaned in to kiss Naruto again. "Guess I'll have to make up for lost time then, huh?"


YAAAY. This isn't part of the smutfic contest.
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