yamanioto (yamanioto) wrote in smexilicious,

Super Horny Inuzuka Kiba Looking For Action!

 Yo! Kiba here.


Anybody down for some Yaoi rp?

Specifically Naruto. KibaNaru is the shit. 

Or some original character RP. 

I'm not really into the whole feminine thing. Rough stuff. Seme x seme.

Boy would be good. I'm a boy. So y'know. Boy with boy would be fun. No girls allowed. Though I am bisexual and would love to do some girl work sometime... But when that time comes it will come. Thanks a bunch.

Send me a message or something if you're interested. I've got Yahoo Messenger, I'll pass you my info.

In fact, my id for Yahoo Messenger is shotarpkidd. Add me up if interested. PEACE!

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