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Okay~ this thing seems kinda dead, so we're gonna spice it up with a challenge! XD


Some specifics~

= this does not effect the current plot
= this disregards any previous plotting
= threesomes are allowed, as long as all parties are consensual
= don't worry if kakashi takes sasuke or naruto or iruka, taking turns with the same character is fine as long as the other RPer is consensual
= do all RPs on AIM in a chatroom, save the chat, then copy and paste into a post on THIS COMMUNITY. Do not post it in your character's journal, although you can say, "Oh Gaara was a bit rough in bed but he was really nice overall and I can't wait to do it with him again <3" [that's a bad example >>; but oh well].

You can do RPs anyway you wish. You can do it story form, like this :

emi: After Sasuke successfully secured the door, he made his way to his bedroom. Naruto sat on the bed, looking a bit tense.
emi: The older boy walked to him and kissed him lightly on the lips, so as to relax him. "Don't be nervous..."
Bailey: "I could say the same to you," Naruto responded, blushing and smiling. "So, what's on the agenda? Cross-dressing? Bondage, perhaps?" He giggled mischeviously, though his pink cheeks turned cherry red.

Or you can do it play form, like this :

himiko: Naruto : -murmurs incohrent words, whimpering from the overpowering passion, moving along with Sasuke's actions, his ache getting stronger by each second-
emi: Sasuke: -smirks at Naruto's reaction, stops, and shifts position so Naruto is under him- Saa... -hand returns to between Naruto's legs, and kisses him again-
himiko: Naruto : mm-ah-sasu-ah... -is pinned underneath sasuke, mind dizzy from being physically and mentally assaulted, gasping, wanting only more-

Lalihoooooooo~ sankyuu to loser_no_jutsu and himiko_himitsu for the examples! XD

Now... GOGOGO >:D There is no deadline X3
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