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Lalihooooo~ [OOC, obviously]

ItaSasu >:D

Played by me, fukushuusha and Himiko, ferret_otoko.

Rated NC-17, incest, bondage, and mild S&M. Oh yes. Very kinky.

Sasuke wandered aimlessly through the store. "Why the hell is THIS the only store with cloaks?" he muttered, eyeing the fetish leather gear suspiciously.

From behind a rack of leather belts, Itachi caught a glimpse of his brother, walking in, totally oblivious to the fact that he was here. Pssh. He could get killed

Sasuke kept walking, eyes down as to avoid arousing suspicion. Without realizing it, he had rammed straight into Itachi.

Lowering his eyes Itachi lifted his brother's chin up, to face him. "Well. We seemed to have run into each other. SASUKE." Itachi murmured roughly into the shorter man's delicate ear

Sasuke's eyes flickered dangerously. "Aniki. Unhand me."

Itachi almost smiled. "So bluntly put, your request." he said, amused, only tightening his grip. "Why should I? I don't think anything is wrong with where you are."

"It's too public." Sasuke replied calmly, although his eyes, slowly turning red, proved otherwise. "Take it in there." He motioned with a quick flick of his head to one of the dressing rooms.

Itachi almost asked why--he didn't anything wrong with killing in public. But he decided that it probably wasn't a good idea, since he was a wanted man, so he dragged his brother inside.
However, not realizing that several of the long belts had attached themselves to his arm, and went with him to the dressing room

Sasuke faced his brother in the tiny confined room, and glowered. Without saying another word, he flicked out a kunai, "Ore wa fukushuusha." He moved in for the kill.

Itachi didn't even wait for his brother to murmur another word, swiftly moving, kunais already in his teeth and hands, bringing a knee to his brother's vulnerable stomach, slamming him into the chair, against the wall.

"Uhn--" Sasuke gasped, his wind knocked out. He slumped down in the chair, eyes still aglow with hate. "You...will...d--" a strange cough emitted from his throat and blood spat out.

Itachi grabbed Sasuke's neck, brutally slamming it against the wall, grinning all the while. He climbed onto the boy's still body, gently licking at the blood that had dripped from Sasuke's lips.

"Nngh--" Sasuke groaned, the pain churning in his body becoming more and more extreme. When he felt Itachi's moist tongue lapping at his lips, the younger boy made a small grunt of repulse. "Don't... touch me...." he hissed.

Clutching a fistful of hair, Itachi looked threateningly into Sasuke's red eyes. "Would you like to repeat that?" he said, bringing one of his kunais to Sasuke's throat.

Sasuke grunted, "I... told you..." he sucked in another ragged breath, "don't...nngh... touch me..!" Sasuke's thoughts tumbled in his head.
Am I really going to die here? In a shady store by the hand of my own brother?

Itachi slowly ran a tongue over his lips. "You WILL have to learn how to watch what you say." he said, before crushing his lips to his brother's, sucking on his supple lips, tasting the blood still evident.

"Ahh--" Sasuke's cry of protest was muffled by an almost bruising kiss. "Mnngh--" despite his struggling, Itachi pressed even harder to the younger boy, threading his fingers through Sasuke's hair with relish.
Sasuke gasped for breath, found none, and instead found his brother's tongue invading his mouth. "Mmnn--!"

Moving his tongue over the cavern of his brother's mouth, Itachi pressed his body against Sasuke's, temporarily stopping his struggling. He wanted complete dominance, for Sasuke to surrender to him.

Sasuke felt extreme discomfort at the closeness experienced between him and his brother. He couldn't move. At all. A feeble moan escaped from his mouth, and that was all.

Itachi broke the kiss finally, but he wasn't satisfied. He focused his attention to Sasuke's neck, where he gently kissed, sucking slightly, before biting. Hard. And his hands were free to roam over Sasuke's body.

"Ahhn--!!" Sasuke cried out at the pain. "Don't..." he gasped, "it hurts--" He wanted to draw away but couldn't. Wanted to back away but couldn't. Simply put, he was trapped.

Sasuke's protests only encouraged Itachi to bite harder, as for he was suddenly very addicted to the taste of Sasuke's blood. He enjoyed how the blood burst from the delicate flesh, flowing to his mouth.

"I-itai--" Sasuke moaned, "Stop it, aniki, it hurts--" He pushed weakly against the older man.

Itachi lifted his teeth from Sasuke's neck, and licked experimentally at the wound. Then Itachi finally took notice of the belts that clung to him. How convient. He pushed Sasuke's arm to the back of the chair, using the belt to bind his arms to the bars in the chair, doing the same with his other arm, and so forth. "This should stop you from struggling so much"

Sasuke stared in disbelief. "I--I..." he didn't bother to say he couldn't struggle in the previous position either. He made an attempt to break free, but the constraints were tight and he was already worse for the wear. There was no point in fighting anymore. Just .... give up. "Aniki..." he raised his eyes, pleading with his older brother, "...what are you going to do?"

It couldn't have been easier. Sasuke had surrendered. Obviously. Itachi actually smiled. Not a grin, not a smirk, but a true smile. "I'll kill you. Or so was my plan. But such an easy kill is never fun."
Leaning, to make sure Sasuke could hear him, he whispered softly, "I want you broken, and shattered when I'm done with you."

Sasuke's blood ran cold and his eyes closed. A small moan escaped from his swollen lips, and he tilted his head back. "...I'll kill you..." was all he said.

Itachi's smile grew wider. "Let's see you try." He, quite viciously ripped off Sasuke's shirt, tossing it aside, before kissing and sucking his brother's collar bone, and continuing downward.

The sudden blast of cold air that greeted him caused Sasuke to shiver. Then Itachi's kisses came raining down. And it was like a firestorm. His body was cold, but wherever the older man's lips were, it was burning.

Itachi stopped, grinning, then took Sasuke's hardened nipple into his teeth, letting his other hand to continue to roam to his brother's pants.

"Ahh--!" Sasuke gasped. He didn't know where to turn. On one hand there was heat enveloping his upper body, but eager hands groping at his lower torso demanded attention.

Enthusiastically rubbing the bulge in Sasuke's pants, Itachi released Sasuke's nipple, giving it one goodbye lick, before tugging roughly on the elastic of Sasuke's pants, all the while his hands dancing over Sasuke's inner thigh

"Nnnngh...ahhhhn--" Sasuke moaned, and suddenly became all the more aware of the binds constricting him. "Aniki..." he said breathlessly, "touch me... please..."

Itachi stopped his movements, when Sasuke uttered those words. "What a little whore you are." he said, as he traced a finger over Sasuke's cheek, thrusting his erection against Sasuke's still clothed member

Sasuke gasped at the sudden friction. "Don't... tease me..." he moaned, bucking his hips slightly.

Though not meaning to fufill Sasuke's begging, he himself couldn't hold back much more, and like Sasuke's torn shirt, he ripped off Sasuke's pants, pushing his boxers down to his ankles, taking Sasuke's ache into his mouth

"Ahhhh!" Sasuke gasped. It felt *so* good. "Aniki--aniki--" he panted, face flushing a deep red.

Sucking hard on Sasuke's shaft for all his worth, Itachi ran his tongue over the member's head, tasting it's entire length.

Sasuke's breathing grew more ragged, and his panting quickened. "Nn--ahhn!" Sasuke moaned, "Faster, aniki--ahh--"

Itachi continued to suck, tasting the precum that leaked so freely now, his hands contenting themselves by groping Sasuke's flesh that was openly exposed

"I'm--ah--going to--" Sasuke's body convulsed slightly, and he gave one last moan before coming into Itachi's mouth.

Sasuke's moans acted as a warning, Itachi swallowed Sasuke's hot seed as much as he could, but it driped out of his mouth, falling down his chin. Itachi swallowed Sasuke's entire member into his mouth, his actions faster.

"Ahhn..." Sasuke slumped lower in the chair, spent. He lifted misted eyes to meet Itachi's. "What now...?" He asked weakly.

Itachi smiled, and gently kissed Sasuke on the lips, a sweet kiss. "Now..." he said, slamming his hand to the back of Sasuke's neck, rendering him motionless. "You sleep." Itachi got a kunai, and released Sasuke of his bonds. He would wait for another day to kill him. But at least he passed the time
He threw his cloak over his brother's body, kissing his hair. When he walked out, carefully making sure to that the curtain was closed, the attendant asked if he was done.
"Not quite yet. My brother is picky when it comes to clothes." he replied.
The attendant smiled. "You love your brother a lot don't you?"
Itachi smiled. "Sort of."

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HOT. Very HOT.

Itachi's such a bastard ~ <3
OoOo, I liked. Mmmm kinky-ness, bondage and S&M... there needs to be more 'Naruto' fics like this. ^_~
*Gasp* Hot. *melt*



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